Friday, September 4, 2020

Gangland Tattoos

Clown face/mask tattoos are common. "Laugh now, cry later", "Play now, pay later", "My happy life, my sad life", "Smile now, cry later".
Non-gang members with tattoos like these may put themselves at serious risk from gang members offended by others stealing their marks.

Tattoo of the "Black Hand of Death", a symbol used by the Mexican Mafia.

Aryan Brotherhood: a shamrock with the number "6"on each of the three leaves with the letters "AB"underneath

The Hells Angels "AFFA" represents "Angels Forever, Forever Angels".

The HA fiercely protect the "Death Head". It is always considered property of the club.

'Filthy Few' refers to Hells Angels members who have killed for the club.
The teardrop’s meaning varies. It can mean a lengthy prison sentence or it might mean the wearer has committed murder. An unfilled teardrop may signify the death of a friend, with the person shading it in when they have avenged their loss.

A Five-point crown is the symbol of the Latin Kings gang, which is one of the biggest Hispanic gangs in the U.S. based out of Chicago.

The three dots tattoo is a common prison tattoo that represents “mi vida loca,” or “my crazy life.” It’s not associated with any particular gang, but with the gang lifestyle.

The swastika is used as a symbol to identify white supremacist groups worldwide

Five dots represents time done in prison.
Cats often symbolize a thief's pedigree. A single cat says they acted alone; several cats together indicate a gang.

A spider web often represents time spent in prison and/or time spent caught in the web of the "gang lifestyle".