Wednesday, June 19, 2019

HA Quebec Money man Richard Felx nailed with 15 new charges

richardfelx@hotmail.caA former notary caught laundering dirty money from Quebec's Hells Angels in tax havens faces 15 new charges. Richard Felx was nailed at the courthouse by the Sûreté du Québec yesterday. He was appearing for another fraud involving vehicle leases exceeding $500k. In July 2016 the 61-year-old recidivist was sentenced to 72 months for gangsterism, conspiracy and money laundering as a result of Operation Diligence, the infiltration of bikers into the construction industry. He spent only a month in jail and is appealing.
In late 2017, Felx was also sentenced to 40 additional months in jail and a $ 633,000 fine on another fraud. He stole $ 1.2m from 55 small investors. Yet again Felx is appealing.