Sunday, June 23, 2019

Hells Angels trial in U.K. - 'Bloody Carnage'

The trial of seven HA prospects accused of attacking a rival mc in Blindley Heath continues. The attack at the Forman Institute, where members of the Vikings and Wargs mc were meeting, left six men stabbed and badly beaten in November 2018.
At the start of the trial, prosecutors said the attack was part of a "turf war" and had turned the Wargs clubhouse into a scene of "bloody carnage".

The seven defendants - Przemyslaw Korkus, Kimi Kidd, Bartosz Plesniak, Ladislav Szalay, Tamas Tomacsek, Piotr Zamijewski and David Jacobs - are said to be prospects of either the Hells Angels' Slough chapter or an affiliated club, the Red Devils. Evidence includes bloody gloves with DNA and a photo posted on the internet by one of the prospects. They all deny involvement.
Multiple witnesses saw a group of “10 to 15” people walking along the A22 away from the Forman Club just before 7.30pm.

They looked like “biker types” and one was carrying some sort of stick in his left hand.