Thursday, August 10, 2023

Luchese boss Vittorio 'Little Vic' Amuso begs for compassionate release - denied

Bloody former mob boss Vittorio 'Little Vic' Amuso will die in jail like many of his peers. Amuso deserved no mercy for his evil life.

Amuso was dubbed the 'The Deadly Don'
Vittorio 'Little Vic' Amuso, 88, a former boss of the Luchese crime family, says his health is falling apart in federal prison. His lawyers say the mobster is “staring down his mortality.” Amuso is the latest in a string of mafia figures who have applied for compassionate release under Trump's First Step Act of 2018.
Vittorio 'Vic' Amuso in a 1977 mugshot.
Amuso was convicted in 1992 of murder and racketeering. He was linked to nine murders and three attempted killings.
Michael 'Big Mike' DeSantis, Matthew 'Matty' Madonna.Vittorio Amuso sent a coded letter from jail to underboss Steven 'Stevie Wonder' Crea in 2017. Brooklyn Luchese wiseguy Michael 'Big Mike' DeSantis was to take the reins of acting boss from Matthew 'Matty' Madonna. Madonna, 83, agreed to step aside, averting a blood bath.

In the late 1980s and early ’90s more than a dozen Luchese members were murdered in a power struggle. Boss Vic Amuso and his top lieutenant, Anthony 'Gaspipe' Casso, carried out many murders.

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