Monday, June 17, 2019

Meet 'Justice' Kenneth Martin

Kenneth MartinLets put them together for Oz 'Justice' Kenneth Martin. He appears to me to be a paid off shill of securities criminals. What would make me say such a thing? This dope is behind the 2nd largest defamation award in Australia history, and the punchline is the plaintiffs have been exposed in a massive bullion scam ... the precise thing the defendant exposed and was sued over.

The bullion scam was rigged by plaintiff Anton 'no balls' Billis, a (sort of) man with an entire lifetime of securities fraud.

Anton 'no balls' Billis
The companies involved in the fraud were Tribune Resources and Rand Mining. Most recently the Oz regulator exposed the entire decades long scheme and is in the process of unwinding it.

This 'Justice' is apparently a drooling, oblivious idiot as he has now shuttered the unrepresented defendant completely. He did this as the proven crooked scumbags are pressing for the defendant's incarceration. What manner of grossly flawed justice is being meting out by this 'man'?
Shame 'Justice' Kenneth Martin. You are a sickening disgrace to Australia and the concept of natural justice worldwide. I have no evidence this fukkin dope has been bribed. Sadly that's about the only excuse he has.

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