Friday, June 28, 2019

Surge in cocaine mixed with fentanyl - Crisis

Cops say drug traffickers are looking for ways to make cocaine more attractive, which they need to do because a surplus of coca base in Columbia has resulted in an overabundance of cocaine in the marketplace. Busts are getting bigger. The cocaine seizure in New York in March, the biggest there in 25 years, was dwarfed last week by the seizure of more than $1b worth of cocaine on a cargo ship passing through Philadelphia.

A DEA report from Florida said that "deadly" contaminated cocaine was "widespread" in the state. Fentanyl in cocaine is pushing U.S. overdose rates to record levels.
Fentanyl has topped the list of deadliest drugs in the US for the third year in a row, causing the rate of drug overdose deaths to more than quadruple since 1999.

The biggest risk comes to recreational cocaine users. Their risk is extremely high because they are 'opioid naive' -- they have no tolerance.