Tuesday, December 1, 2020

'Project Skylark' - 6 years for Brandon Tupling

Four Ottawa-area bikers were charged in 'Project Skylark.' Keith Earle, 32, Jovin Degre-Blais, 35, Joshua Khosrowkhani, 32, and Brandon Tupling, 34. Khosrowkhani is a Nomad. Earle, Tupling and Degre-Blais are full-patch Red Devils.

Tupling pleaded guilty to cocaine possession for the purpose of trafficking, fentanyl possession for the purpose of trafficking, and procuring, also known as human trafficking. Pre-custody credit of some 782 days means he has 1,408 days or three years and 313 days left to serve.
Fifteen people were charged with 195 offences in the high-level, multi-jurisdiction investigation into a drug trafficking network involving members and associates of OMGs across the Niagara Region, Sudbury and Ottawa area. 'Project Skylark' targeted members of the Hells Angels Nomads, the Red Devils MC and the Hooligans MC and their drug trafficking network. They dealt cocaine, meth and fentanyl.

Seized meth tabs from Project Skylark.
Cops seized 12.5kg of cocaine, 12.2kg of cannabis, 640 grams of shatter, 1400 packages of cannabis edibles, fentanyl patches, 2000 methamphetamine tablets, as well as Hells Angels and Red Devils MC gear.

Project Skylark investigators seized 11 firearms and 700 rounds of ammunition, $75,000 in cash, $30,000 in jewelry, multiple vehicles including three motorcycles and one residence.