Friday, August 23, 2019

Comanchero bikie boss Murray booted from Thailand

Outlaw biker gang Comancheros have had their share of misfortunes. The latest is Mick Murray, the Melbourne-based boss of the gang being denied entry into Thailand. Murray is on bail for fraud charges and thought a trip to Phuket then Dubai would be nice. Both countries are well know hot spots for Australian outlaw bikers.

Murray was stuffed when Thai officials sent him back to Melbourne.
Former Victorian Comanchero boss Jay Malkoun called Dubai home after departing Australia in 2013. Thailand was his first stop in 2015, when his Hells Angels flatmate Wayne Schneider was murdered and buried in a shallow grave. He departed swiftly after.

Most recently Malkoun hit a major hurdle when his car was bombed in Athens with him in it. He's been keeping a low profile after surviving his burns.
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