Monday, August 19, 2019

Drug lab in Surrey linked to Brothers Keepers, HA Hardside

Cops seized 63,000 doses of fake OxyContin pills, 94,000 doses of fake Percocet pills, 5,000 doses of cocaine, 22,500 doses of fake heroin, and 200 doses of meth.

The drug lab also yielded 89 kg of cutting agents, 60 kg of a pill-binding agent, and 3 industrial pill presses. 7 firearms were seized, including 6 SKS assault rifles.
RCMP say there are connections between the lab and the Brothers Keepers gang. It is being reported that the Brothers Keepers are at war with the Kang group, as well as the United Nations gang.

The Brothers Keepers had well known ties to the Hardside Hells Angels through the recently murdered Suminder Grewal.
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