Thursday, August 29, 2019

Gambia hit men confess to murder — then walk free

Ya Mamie Ceesay, 62, wondered for years how her son died. “Chopped into pieces,” said a former hit man, who told a makeshift courtroom that he was obeying orders from the ex-president.

Ceesay is the mother of Alhaji Mamut Ceesay, who was killed by members of former Gambian president Yahya Jammeh’s hit squad known as the Junglers.

Yahya Jammeh
Authorities let the self-identified killer walk free until a national probe ends next year — a chance at amnesty in exchange for telling the truth. Yahya Jammeh was the dictator who ruled Gambia for 22 years before fleeing to Equatorial Guinea in 2017.

Jammeh has been linked to the deaths of more than 70 people as he has been accused of kidnappings, torture and murder. Investigators will decide next year who gets immunity and who gets punished.