Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Indian Gangster Kaushal sings like a canary

He called his targets via WhatsApp and demanded money. If they refused, Kaushal ordered his henchmen to beat or eliminate them.Kaushal is involved in over 200 criminal cases cross Haryana districts, including murder and extortion. He targeted businessmen, contractors, bookies and jewellers to extort money. Kaushal’s soft targets were businessman, contractors, liquor vendors, bookies and jewellers because these people were in cash businesses and most wouldn’t file a police complaint because they feared Kaushal.
Kaushal's lackeys roamed in the city and collected information about their targets including their contact numbers and provided it to Kaushal. Gangster Kaushal (38) issued a brazen challenge to the police when he was on the run. Once caught, he turned rat.