Sunday, September 1, 2019

Ivan Alejandro Silva whacked in Boucherville - Update

Silva was, according to cops, the boss of a network of cocaine importers linked to a Mexican cartel.
Ivan Alejandro Silva, 39, was killed while riding a motorcycle on Lionel-Daunais Street. His death was later transferred to the Sûreté du Québec because the murder could be related to organized crime. Silva was sentenced to 42 months in penitentiary in 2015 for a savage stabbing attack in a strip club.
One of the investigations was project 'Carcan' which targeted the Hells Angels and Marc-André Lachance, convicted of beating an SPVM investigator on vacation in Mexico in 2011. Silva was seen with gang leader Gregory Woolley, his deputies, and mafia clan chief Andrew Scoppa.

Ivan Alejandro Silva Sanchez was a Colombian and a close associate of Ivan Eduardo Villaroel, who has close ties with cartels in South America and Mexico. He had strong ties to the Hells Angels and was well known as an alpha level drug trafficker. Mexican cartels seem to have plans for the Hells Angels' cash cow in Quebec, methamphetamine.