Thursday, August 22, 2019

Joseph Rubino busted with cache of guns, Nazi paraphernalia was making firearms

Joseph RubinoWhen New Jersey cops responded to a single-vehicle crash involving a van on July 24, they found two semiautomatic handguns, an assault rifle, multiple sawed-off shotguns, brass knuckles and other weapons. A search warrant for the Lafayette house of Joseph Rubino, 57 found a stockpile of guns and a laundry list of drugs. Cops found 18 weapons — including semiautomatic rifles, handguns and a grenade launcher.
In January 2014, Rubino was stabbed in a bar brawl that involved the Hells Angels and other motorcycle gangs.

A lawsuit over the brawl and stabbing lead to an undisclosed settlement. Rubino claimed the strip club should have been better prepared to handle the biker dust up and was responsible for his injuries.