Saturday, August 17, 2019

Mobster Pat Musitano's home for sale

In 2017, Angelo, Musitano's brother was shot at killed at his home in Waterdown. Musitano himself recently survived being shot multiple times. calls it a "dream home." The two-and-half storey, single-family home of mobster Pat Musitano is now for sale with a price tag of $699,900. The listing for 206 St. Clair Boulevard touts the home's features, including four bedrooms, two bathrooms, three parking spaces, and 'character and charm.'

Notwitstanding charm, the home's link to crime could make families think twice.
In 2015, police were called to the street for a vehicle fire. Two years later multiple shots were fired into the Musitano home. Earlier this summer, and likely the final straw, the home was the site of a bizarre car crash, with black men fleeing the scene shedding clothing and a mask in what's thought to be a botched hit.