Monday, August 19, 2019

Rizzuto associate Paolo Caputo whacked - Update

Raposo was shot to death by Dean Wiwchar, working for the Wolfpack's Alkhalil.
Paolo Caputo may have been executed because his associates had an outstanding $5m debt to a Mexican drug cartel, sources say.

The debt stems from a massive drug rip-off connected to the June 2012 murder of John Raposo, 35. Caputo’s brother, Martino Caputo, is serving a life sentence as one of four men convicted of first-degree murder in the Raposo shooting. The Mexican cartel that fronted the drugs to Raposo, Martino Caputo and others was not fully paid.

Dean Wiwchar

John Raposo
Caputo died on the scene.A restaurant owner shot to death Friday afternoon in front of the wine bar he ran in the Roncesvalles neighbourhood in Toronto was an associate of Montreal mob boss Vito Rizzuto. Paolo Caputo, 64, became Toronto's 38th homicide victim of 2019. Witnesses reported two gunshots.

Caputo was busted in late 2007 with dozens of others when police broke up a high stakes poker game at a mob social club. Police were alerted to the gambling after the club was robbed by two men earlier that year.

The OPP organized crime unit estimated the operation grossed more than $1m yearly, with profits going to Rizzuto.
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