Thursday, August 22, 2019

Aztech Armory - The Polymer80 - Update II

It's appearing the principal of Aztech Armory is an American from Yuma who has a home in Penticton. According to the co's website, the home was broken into and a stash of firearms stolen. This enterprise uses that address on it's propaganda, and has been dealing with gangsters. Would it not absolutely follow that it would become a logical target for scumbags, and that being so why would an arsenal be stored there while the owner was on extended stays outside the country?
The owner crying about what he'll do to 'scumbags' is ridiculous. He ought to a) look in the mirror and stop being a dumbass, and b) leave this damn trade in Arizona where it belongs.
A new type of firearm is 'in vogue' among criminals in Montreal. It is being regularly found at crime scenes in Montreal according to the Sûreté du Québec. At least 22 pistols of this type were seized in the city in the last year. The Polymer80 is named because it represents 80% of a complete firearm. Desmond McClish, 41, is accused of making Polymer80 firearms between April 2017 and June 2019. McClish has worked with individuals with ties to the Hells Angels.
The guns were initially popular because they carry no serial number. These handguns are restricted, meaning a license is required, but may also be prohibited. McClish procured 25 Polymer80s by mail. The Polymer80 G150 is defined as a 'receiver blank' by the ATF. These are considered by law to be firearms in Canada, even if they lack several pieces to be functional. He received other parts in the mail, enough to assemble 14 pistols.

The kit retails for around $120 (US). Component parts to complete the firearm are roughly $ 200. Cops also seized five high-capacity magazines and cocaine.
McClish was somehow able to renew his restricted firearms license in 2015, when he was prohibited from possessing weapons for 10 years following a 4-year penitentiary conviction for trafficking.
The blanks were purchased through Aztech Armory, were not registered and had no serial number.

They also sell parts by mail order to complete the firearm.
"At this time, we cannot commit to completing the import of firearms and ammunition for the September/October shipment. However, we are committed to getting your firearms to you and we will be working with another Importer to make this happen."
Darius E ... "We are all avid shooters ourselves and understand the pain of not being able to get the products that our brothers down south have access too!(sic)" Here

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