Sunday, August 18, 2019

Trouble follows bikie Ben "Notorious" Geppert

Ben "Notorious" Geppert is back in the spotlight after a disturbing video of a six-year-old girl snorting salt as if it were cocaine. Geppert was filmed at a restaurant crushing up salt for the young girl to snort. The child's father is Bandido enforcer John Fahey, and her mother is Allaina Vader. On Friday night, Fahey uploaded the now-deleted post to social media along with the caption: 'Ya crush up salt and get my 6 year old daughter to snort it. Your going to be snorting ya teeth maggot … Ben Geppert bone yard dog.'
Several of Fahey's associates targeted Geppert in a Gold Coast shopping centre on Friday. The men taunted Geppert with insults while filming.

'Ya dog, ya dog, ya dog cunt,' the men yelled. 'Why don't you fight me, dog?' 'You wanna come one-on-one, why you running off? Ya fucking snake dog'.

'I'm not going to jail over you,' Geppert said while walking away. The 'reformed' bikie later said he was serving a suspended jail sentence for a brawl last year, and would likely end up behind bars if he broke the law.

Nomads bikie president Moudi Tajjour - who is nightclub baron John Ibrahim's cousin - blasted Geppert for being 'a disgrace to the gangster lifestyle'.