Monday, September 2, 2019

Cesar Emilio Peralta - International Drug Kingpin

Cops described the shooting as an organized mob hit on Ortiz, who was shot in the lower back at point blank range as he sat with friends.When David “Big Papi” Ortiz began his major-league baseball career in 1992 he bought his family a new home with his $10k signing bonus. The two-story brick and stucco house is still owned by Ortiz on the outskirts of the Dominican capital where he grew up.

Ortiz's near-death shooting at an outdoor bar in Santo Domingo in June has brought attention to Cesar Emilio Peralta, who was busted last week.
News reports speculated that the hit was ordered by Peralta, known by his underworld moniker 'El Abusador' — the Abuser — over a love triangle involving Dominican model Maria Yeribell Martinez Garcia.

Dominican prosecutors had claimed that Peralta often leaned on MLB stars in order to launder cash from the proceeds of his cocaine empire.