Thursday, September 12, 2019

Money launderer tried to sell co-worker a $2-million house

2375 Burquitlam Dr. owned by Caixuan Qin.The purchase of the six-bedroom, six-bathroom home by a co-worker involved was stopped last spring when the B.C. Civil Forfeiture Office became aware. The office was suspicious the buyer was not at arm’s length from the accused, the price was too low, and the purchase money was “tainted.” The freeze order stipulated the property could only be sold to a “bona fide” third person for fair market value.

Caixuan Qin.
Ultimately, the court approved the most recent sale in a decision on Sept. 6.

Caixuan Qin and spouse Jian Jun Zhu are named in the civil forfeiture suit that seeks to seize the Vancouver home and another $2 million in cash. Qin and Zhu are accused of operating an underground bank in Richmond, Silver International, that laundered as much as $220 million a year, largely in drug trafficking money.

Criminal charges for money laundering were stayed in November 2018 in relation to Silver International.

Jian Jun Zhu.