Thursday, September 19, 2019

Winnipeg cops raid Manitoba HA clubhouses for being booze cans

Road 65 N. in the rural municipality of RosserWinnipeg cops raided two Manitoba HA clubhouses and charged three with selling liquor without a licence. Cops learned from rats that there was a set price for booze at the clubhouse bars and the HA thought that the law couldn't touch them if they put up signs that read "Donations".

Individuals 'donated' between $3 to $5 to the HA for their booze. The club also ran tabs with a book behind the bar recording sales.
The 3 charged are Dale Donovan, who uses the name Kelland and is the president of the Manitoba Nomads, full patch Lorne Corlett, and prospect Cameron Barron.

Donovan made global headlines for the club in 2018 when he called on his brothers to slag a 'discriminating' bar that refused to cater to those in HA colors. Police said raids were carried out in Kelowna, Sudbury, St. Catharines, Ottawa and Toronto.
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