Friday, September 6, 2019

'You only answer to the Bonanno family'

Sprinkles with that?

Bonanno crime-family associate Salvatore Russo, 46, copped a plea for his role in a drug-trafficking scheme that involved the sale of cocaine in a Manhattan gelato shop. Russo is free on $500,000 bond. He was busted last year in a coordinated sting on mobsters in the US and Canada. He and capo Damiano Zummo were accused of conspiring to sell cocaine.
Russo was busted last year in a coordinated, cross-border crackdown on mobsters operating in both the US and Canada.

Acting Bonanno captain Damiano Zummo was caught on a secret recording while taking part in a Mafia induction ceremony in Canada in 2015. “You only answer to the Bonanno family,” Zummo told the newly “made” mobster, an informer.