Monday, November 15, 2021

Guy Dion acquitted, Marie-Josée Viau convicted

A jury convicted Marie-Josée Viau, 46, of second-degree murder, but acquitted her husband Guy Dion. The jury relied heavily on recordings that were made in 2019. It was Viau who made the most incriminating statements while she was being recorded. Dion was guarded while he was recorded without his knowledge, and there was evidence the volunteer firefighter was called to put out a fire in a neighbouring town while the bodies were burned on the couple’s farm. Its said a confession was taped. The couple complained, among other things, of not being paid.
Guns included two automatic 9mm Cobrays.

Marie-Josee Viau, Guy Dion.
Guy Dion and Marie-Josee Viau are from Saint-Jude, in Montérégie. It was at their home where brothers Giuseppe and Vincenzo Falduto were executed on June 30, 2016. They were accused of murder and conspiracy. For three years the investigation was at a dead-end, until the assassin surrendered to the cops to become an informer. Police then introduced an undercover agent.
Jonathan MassariThe gang was led by the murdered Salvatore Scoppa and his right-hand man, Jonathan Massari. Lorenzo Giordano was shot in broad daylight on March 1, 2016, allegedly by Dominico Scarfo. The gang also killed former acting mafia chief Rocco Sollecito.
Dominico Scarfo
Guy Dion and Marie-Josée Viau.Two gangsters from Montreal were killed by a hitman hired by the Mafia and their bodies incinerated before their ashes scattered in a river, a jury was told. The key witness in the trial is the man who carried out the slayings in 2016 and became an informant. He says the murders were carried out inside the couple’s garage. Vincenzo Falduto and Giuseppe Falduto.

Three men and a woman were charged in the 2016 slayings of brothers Vincenzo Falduto and Giuseppe Falduto, as well as the deaths of Rocco Sollecito and Lorenzo Giordano. The four are Jonathan Massari, Dominico Scarfo, Guy Dion and Marie-Josee Viau.

The investigation into those deaths, dubbed “Premediter” (premeditated), culminated with the arrests. Cops seized 19 long guns, six handguns and three automatic weapons, as well as silencers and ammunition. They also seized a motorcycle used in the killing of Sollecito.
The boss was Salvatore Scoppa. He was killed in a brazen shooting at the Sheraton Laval in 2019. His brother Andrew was executed 5 months later.
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