Monday, October 7, 2019

Australia's Strike Force Raptor

Established in 2009, Strike Force Raptor is a high-impact operation targeting OMCGs and associated criminal enterprises. The strike force is an elite, militarized police unit made up of 55 top cops with the primary goal of dismantling violent bikie gangs. The unit has become known for using every available legal means to punish bikies, from arcane 1800s laws to road violations.

The 'hostile' tactics of Strike Force Raptor have been an unmitigated success in causing OMGs to leave NSW. One of their greatest victories is the deportation of bikies back to New Zealand.
Officers accepted into Raptor's tactical unit have to prove their worth in the ring with their command leader, who rarely loses. Strike Force Raptor has made more than 4,000 arrests across New South Wales since 2009 and laid almost 10,000 charges.

Strike Force Raptor has shut down at least 40 OMCG clubhouses, forcing many clubs - including Hells Angels, Rebels, Bandidos and Commanchero - to relocate to South East Asia. There is now evidence of 36 Australian-affiliated clubs in Thailand alone.