Thursday, October 3, 2019

Biker loses firearms license - cries 'Police Revenge'

Marc Baribeau, a member of HA puppet club the Death Messengers, bit the dust in an attempt to overturn the decision made by the firearms controller, who reports to the Sûreté du Québec. At least 82 Hells Angels supporter club members, including Baribeau, had firearm licenses revoked in 2018 for being "actively involved in" an outlaw biker gang. Baribeau admitted to having a criminal record with respect to narcotics, domestic violence and assault against a peace officer, and did not deny that he is a member of the Death Messengers and intends to remain so.
Baribeau, despite wearing a "Support Trois-Rivières" patch in reference in the Trois-Rivières chapter of the Hells Angels, claims the Death Messengers "are not outlaws or bandits".

He argued, unsuccessfully, that the revocation of his license and other bikers is "police revenge." The judge wasn't buying it.
The judge noted there are about 200 members in a dozen 'farm clubs', according to the SQ.
"It is common knowledge and judicial knowledge that the Hells Angels are a group of bikers engaged in organized crime, including drug trafficking." The Hells engage in "promotional activities" and supporter clubs like the one that Marc Baribeau is part of "constitute a tool of this promotion."