Saturday, October 12, 2019

De Niro calls Trump a 'gangster president'

Robert De Niro doesn't mince words when it comes to President Donald Trump. "We have a gangster president who thinks he can do anything he wants ... the problem is, if he actually gets away with it, then we all have a problem."

He continued the theme when talking about Trump's relationship with the media. "It’s a resentment of people (who are) writing about what we see is obvious gangsterism."

The veteran Hollywood star said that the US president does not have the same “honor” that is often exhibited by traditional gangsters.

“The idea of respect and knowing right from wrong was more than we were seeing from our leaders, we were not being told the truth about what was really going on.” “Today, we have a weird twisted president who thinks he’s a gangster, who’s not even a very good gangster."