Sunday, October 6, 2019

DEA seize 2.5kg of Fentanyl from ODed chemistry professor

Gregory BodemerA chemistry professor who died of an overdose had his apartment raided. Cops found one of the biggest stashes of fentanyl seen in San Diego at over 5 pounds (2.5kg) Agents also found carfentanil and drug manufacturing equipment, including a pill press, powder, liquids, and dyes used to make street drugs. The amount of fentanyl seized was enough to kill 1.5m people.

Gregory Bodemer was pronounced dead at the scene. A woman, Rose Griffin, was taken away in an ambulance and recovered. She said she had been lacing her vaping cartridges with fentanyl, which had led to her overdose.

A hazmat crew was called in to help clear and decontaminate the unit. It remains off-limits.