Tuesday, October 15, 2019

HA Robin Moulton out and about

Full-patch Robin Moulton of the Hells Angels New Brunswick Nomads chapter has been granted day parole, despite opposition from local police and Correctional Service Canada.

Cops say Moulton returned to his home province of New Brunswick in 2016 with the purpose of setting up a chapter for the Hells Angels. The New Brunswick Nomads chapter is part of an eastern expansion, which also established a chapter in Charlottetown this year.
Moulton, 50, was sentenced last October to 4½ years in prison for possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking.
Moulton was charged in August 2017. Cops had Moulton under surveillance for months. After covertly installing a motion-activated camera in a locker, cops watched as Moulton used a hydraulic press to cut cocaine into bricks. The cocaine seized had 35% purity.
The sentence was Moulton's second federal prison term. In 2008, he was sentenced to 64 months in prison for two counts of trafficking cocaine and one of possession of a prohibited restricted firearm.
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