Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández implicated in cocaine ring

A week after Trump showered praise on Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández, the Honduran leader’s younger brother is set to go on trial in New York on charges of smuggling tons of cocaine into the U.S.
As President Hernández agreed to a deal that will allow the US to force some migrants to seek asylum in Honduras, federal prosecutors were preparing to present evidence that the Honduran president was a member of the drug trafficking conspiracy his brother was charged in.
Juan Antonio Hernández, 40, was deeply involved in all aspects of the drug trade. Hernández was so established in trafficking that he even had his own cocaine brand: labs in Colombia and Honduras stamped packets with the initials T.H., for Tony Hernández.

The president’s brother is linked to a trafficking organization called Los Cachiros. Its former leader, Devis Leonel Rivera Maradiaga, testified as part of a plea deal with American prosecutors.