Saturday, October 19, 2019

Peterborough drug dealer Kyle Gozzard = 7 years

Kyle Gozzard, 27, pleaded guilty to trafficking carfentanil and cocaine. Cops seized $138k in cash, nearly a kilogram of cocaine and three ounces of carfentanil.

There have been 26 overdose deaths reported in Peterborough this year.
Gozzard apparently wasn't impressed with his six months in jail for trafficking cocaine and violating his bail in 2015. Back then, while on probation for other offenses, he was busted with 168.2 grams of cocaine and $2,744.35 in cash.

This time around one expects to see a significant custodial sentence for the protection of the public. Rehabilitation seems to not be working. Gozzard will be sentenced in November. He remains in custody.