Friday, October 25, 2019

Taylor testimony blows Trump to smithereens - Update II

The statement of William B. Taylor Jr. is readily available and ought to be required reading for anybody interested in truth and Trump's abuse of power. For certain it should be read by every American. This quid pro quo begs the question what was given away to Russia when the decision to pull American solders from Syria was made.

President Trump has commenced his attacks on Ambassador Bill Taylor: "Here’s the problem. He’s a never-Trumper and his lawyer is a never-Trumper." The fact is he was appointed by Trump and handpicked by Pompeo.
Acting ambassador to Ukraine William B. Taylor Jr testified behind closed doors in the House impeachment probe. His 15 page opening statement was said to have been met with audible gasps. The Washington Post is reporting the replacement for the ousted Ukrainian ambassador said he was told the release of military aid was contingent on public declarations from Ukraine it would investigate the Bidens and the 2016 election, contradicting all of Trump's denials.
Taylor provided an “excruciatingly detailed” statement that described the quid-pro-quo pressure campaign that Trump and his allies waged, and have been denying. Trump held up security aid for the country and refused a White House meeting with Ukraine’s leader until he agreed to investigate Trump’s political rivals.There is no question Trump abused US foreign policy for his own political ends.