Friday, October 18, 2019

Trump on Congressman Adam Schiff - A very dishonest sleazebag!

Trump is manically tweeting again and the end product is more of the same. This man is not fit for the office he occupies. Some would conclude he is a traitor to America.

This space believes Trump is breaking down mentally, and it is happening VERY quickly. His insults are more vile and frequent. He is using profanity more often. A growing amount of the time what he says makes no sense whatsoever, to anyone.
2014 photo of Trump and Ukrainian Parnas
A March 2014 photograph showing Donald Trump with the recently indicted Lev Parnas was taken at a fashion show hosted by Ivanka Trump at the Trump National Doral in Florida. The photo with Trump and Lev Parnas was taken at the Cadillac Championship, an annual golf tournament. The show was also attended by Trump's sons Eric and Donald Jr. and Ivanka's husband Jared Kushner, who is now a senior White House adviser along with his wife.
Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Trump Jr. — with Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman.
Parnas' attendance at a Trump event in 2014 raises questions about his relationship with Trump and his children. Trump said last week he didn't know Parnas or Fruman.