Wednesday, October 16, 2019

'We sold a lot of cocaine. I made a lot of money,' dealer turned rat

Bullen died of a heart attack while in jail in December 2018.Chris Tessier was living like a rock star. The paid police agent told his OPP handlers he raked in a cool $3 million a year dealing cocaine before signing a $600k contract for his co-operation.

“We sold a lot of cocaine. I made a lot of money. If I said at the time it was $3 million, it would have been close to that.”
Tessier turned police informant targeting David 'Hollywood' Bullen, who pleaded guilty to 25 charges.
Two of Tessier's co-conspirators, Eric Corbeil, who arranged deliveries of cocaine by the kilo from Montreal to Ottawa, and “runner” Martin LeBlanc were sentenced in February for their roles. Two other alleged members, Todd Coughlin and Richard Craig, pleaded not guilty.

Police at that time raided 25 homes and businesses and seized 2.5 kilos of cocaine, handguns, a half-million in cash, seven vehicles and a Robinson R44 helicopter.