Saturday, November 30, 2019

Alabama Crimson Tide ‘cursed’ by Trump after another loss

The Alabama Crimson Tide lost to the Auburn Tigers. The loss came three weeks after Alabama fans cheered Donald Trump — and lost their first home game in four years to LSU. With the loss at home, the Crimson Tide ended a 31-game streak. For fans, this was the first sign of the "Trump Curse." Trump was once again ridiculed after Alabama’s second loss.

The curse is said to have affected the outcome of the World Series. When Trump appeared at Game 5, he was met with boos from Washington Nationals fans. They would go on to win the World Series.
The saying goes “Everything Trump Touches Dies” — #ETTD.
If Alabama misses the playoffs, would this be the fault of Trump? In the eyes of fans, absolutely. It remains to be seen who will next mess with the "Trump Curse."