Saturday, November 30, 2019

All roads lead to Rudy

Lev Parnas became "good friends" with Rudy Giuliani after the 2016 election. Parnas and Fruman controlled Global Energy Producers, which agitated against U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch.

They're accused of entering into "secret agreements" to launder foreign money into the campaigns through various corporate identities, and using "straw donors" to make the contributions. They used wire transfers from shell corporations to illegally funnel $325k in foreign “straw money” to the pro-Trump super PAC America First Action committee in 2018.
The friendship was lucrative for Giuliani, who received $500k from Parnas' company Fraud Guarantee. Federal prosecutors say they raised money for the failed campaign of Rep. Pete Sessions-R in 2018.

Parnas and Fruman helped connect Giuliani with the hugely corrupt Viktor Shokin, who claims he was fired for investigating Burisma.

Former U.S. Rep. Pete Sessions announces his candidacy Oct. 3, 2019.
Giuliani has strong ties to Turkey and represented Reza Zarrab, who was jailed in March 2016 on money laundering charges. Mueller was investigating a meeting where Michael Flynn—shortly before he became national security adviser—was offered upward of $15m if he helped Turkey obtain extradition of cleric Fethullah Gülen and the release of Zarrab.Flynn’s sentencing hearing for lying to FBI agents had been scheduled for Dec. 18.
Rudy Giuliani is widely expected to be charged with half a dozen crimes, including conspiracy.
Giuliani fears no buses - "RICO chart"

Rudy Giuliani lashed out at prosecutors as “liars” who are harming America after TMZ caught up with him in an airport. Asked if he was worried about going to jail, he paused.
“the people pursuing me are desperate, sad, angry, disappointing liars and they’re hurting their country.”
Giuliani freaks out at CNN’s ‘trickery’ after it accurately quotes him
Giuliani blew up at a CNN reporter after being quoted accurately. “I didn’t mislead you, I told you my state of mind at the time ..." The controversy revolves around Giuliani's ties to Dmitry Firtash. Giuliani told CNN last month that he never sought information from Firtash and never met him. “I have nothing to do with Firtash.”

But in an interview with the New York Times this week, Giuliani admitted that he met with a member of Firtash’s legal team. CNN asked Giuliani about the discrepancy and he accused the network of “trickery” and said that its reporting was “horseshit.”
Trump yesterday distanced himself from Giuliani, saying he knew nothing about what he was doing in Ukraine. This is a direct contradiction to his call to Zelinsky and the many witnesses who have testified.

Many are seeing Trump's turncoat statement as the inevitable throwing of Rudy under a bus, something a growing number of Republicans are demanding for their own survival.
It is being reported that Giuliani targeted and engaged in a war to remove Zelensky's chief of staff Andriy Bohdan. Bohdan is closely associated with oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky.