Friday, June 2, 2023

HA connected Zale Coty nailed in Kamloops drug raid - update

Zale Coty was an associate of HA Chad Wilson, who was murdered in November 2018. That crime remains unsolved.
A Kamloops gardening store owned by Zale Coty, 54 was raided in late 2019. He is one of three men charged after a lengthy undercover investigation into the Throttle Lockers, a puppet club of the Hells Angels. Coty is facing three counts each of trafficking in a controlled substance and possession for the purpose of trafficking, as well as a single count of conspiracy to traffic a controlled substance. He is alleged to have trafficked cocaine and fentanyl. He will be pleading guilty.
Over $350k was seized along with cocaine, meth, fentanyl, pot, and a 40 caliber handgun with ammunition.

Shawn Carlisle, 49, was sentenced to 30 months. He pleaded guilty to one count each of trafficking cocaine and unlawfully selling pot.