Sunday, November 17, 2019

HA 'purge' committee

Trafficker Gaétan Sévigny was murdered in front of his home in Terrebonne on October 17th.
In the wake of killings of HA associates Roger Bishop and Gaétan Sévigny that were said to be internal club matters, an HA rat of 13 years club experience says they don't happen in a vacuum.

They are never on a whim or a personal initiative, but are discussed and approved by senior Hells Angels. In some cases, all bikers in the chapter who have been linked to the target would be "consulted" in order to reach a consensus. However, it is always the "decision makers" who have the final say in the elimination of an undesirable. It is said 'rouge' killings contrary to committee wishes would be 'impossible'.
Roger Bishop was whacked October 30th.
The murders follow an old method commonly used during the biker war. Killers flee the scene of the crime in a stolen vehicle, which will then be abandoned and set on fire to destroy evidence. This modus operandi continues to be used because it has "proved its worth." Very few suspects of these murders are eventually nailed by the police.