Friday, November 29, 2019

"I want Nothing" call of Sept 9 didn't happen

Trump has been regularly invoking Sondland’s testimony at rallies and press events, claiming that Sondland’s description of the “no quid pro” call completely exonerates him. In the middle of Sondland’s public testimony, Trump made a loud public appearance on the White House lawn, a portion of Sondland’s paraphrased testimony in hand, to perform a dramatic reenactment of the call for cameras.

It was all theater for the obtuse - the call never happened and there is no WH record of it. ONE call occurred and it took place on September 7th.

When asked to confirm that this call had taken place on September 9th instead, Sondland repeatedly invoked his lack of access to records to explain his inability to either say or remember. Most would be suspecting Sondland has perjured himself.