Saturday, November 9, 2019

Putin's Poodle

It was July 2018 when tabloid the Daily Mirror headlines screamed: “Trump branded a traitor” with the main headline calling him “Putin’s poodle” after he backed the Russian leader’s denial of meddling in the US election ... contradicting his own intelligence apparatus. The broad consensus among U.S. and Western commentators was that Vladimir Putin “owned” Donald Trump at the U.S.-Russia summit.Trump was called 'Weak, Putin's Poodle and a Stooge' in EU press.

Putin was gifted Trump's withdrawal of US troops from the Kurdish region on the border of Syria and Turkey.
Trump considering Putin's Russian military parade - Quiet!
It was another bizarre performance before reporters.
Trump screamed at a reporter to '‘Be quiet! Be quiet! Quiet! Quiet!’ Trump says he's considering Putin's invitation. Among other fully insane comments Trump says the whistleblower is 'a disgrace to our country' and his lawyer should be charged with treason. He also says he almost doesn't know his special representative for Ukraine, Gordon Sondland.