Friday, November 1, 2019

Star Montreal HA David Lefebvre busted

Ten suspects, all men between 39 and 68 years old, were charged with various counts related to drug trafficking. The suspects were arrested in an investigation called Pacson, targeting a drug ring controlled by Lefebvre. He faces a charge under the Food and Drugs Act and will appear summarily.

Cops seized more than 20 kg of cocaine, more than $300k, ten firearms and prohibited weapons and over 3000 tablets of meth.
David Lefebvre has long been considered a major player in the Hells Angels of Montreal. He is suspected of controlling drug trafficking in the southwest of the city.

Lefebvre was one of the men of honor at the wedding of HA heavyweight Martin Robert.

Cops carried out a series of searches in David Lefebvre's businesses, including one selling and renting used vehicles in Laval.