Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Super Tuesday for Never Trumpers - Kurt Volker - Update

Our guy has 'revised' his testimony and it surely ain't looking good for Trumpers so far. As a single example Volker now admits that Gordon Sondland DID bring up “investigations” during a July 10 meeting with senior Ukrainian officials. There's NOTHING like the prospect of years in prison to improve memory.
Kurt Volker is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon. He is a witness who has provided fodder for Republicans trying (laughably) to defend President Donald Trump.

Sadly for Trumpers it may not go well this time. Ryan Goodman has laid out a 60 page, side-by-side comparison of Volker’s testimony with that of others. HERE. What emerges is at least thirteen points where Volker appears to have lied to Congress. His early testimony is rife with open contradictions to those who testified after.
One example is Volker's written opening statement ... “[A]t no time was I aware of or took part in an effort to urge Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Biden.”
That representation is now highly suspect as 6 witnesses have testified he was intimately involved and perfectly aware. There are other glaring examples of blatant falsehoods. These discrepancies could result in yet another Trump insider facing criminal charges for lying to congress.

Commentators are suggesting Volker may invoke his Fifth Amendment right to remain silent, or in the alternative 'revise' his testimony to massage it closer to the truth like Soundland did. Either way this week is shaping up as a too interesting one for daytime TV.
Tongues are wagging today over news the House of Representatives is investigating whether Trump lied in written statements to Mueller’s investigation. The news came as Congress requested to have secret grand jury evidence from the Mueller report released for the impeachment inquiry.