Sunday, November 17, 2019

Trump’s legacy - turning Republicans into traitors assisting Russia - Update

Tedra Cobb (@TedraCobb - has raised MORE THAN $1m in the two+ days since the performance of Trump sycophant Elise Stefanik (@EliseStefanik).

Her support is entirely grassroots with an average donation around $20. Stefanik’s campaign declined to release information about the campaign donations she received over the weekend.
Republicans can fool themselves that they are winning the impeachment battle by watching Fox but they are getting decimated.

Republican members of the Intelligence Committee have been clowns as they struggle with Trump's demented conspiracy theory that it was Ukraine that meddled in the 2016 election to help Clinton, rather than Putin who interfered to help Trump.
It was no greater truth than the one that caused a Trump meltdown ... “With you, all roads lead to Putin.”
Who could have predicted the day Republicans would be at war with the FBI and the CIA and seeking foreign assistance to get dirt on them to bolster Trump’s twisted ego, daily whims, and illusions. It is obvious that this president is putting his own political interests above America's national security and used incompetent and corrupt henchmen to do it.

Trump was never concerned about Ukraine or corruption. He was only concerned about exporting his own brand of corruption. The gangsters succeeded in orchestrating the removal of a U.S. ambassador with 33 years service and very nearly succeeded entirely.
Republicans are now the dupes to the interests of dictators and sleazy foreign businessmen and none have the moral fortitude to stop it. Democrats know Moscow Mitch will squelch them in the end. That is a given. The exposure of the truth best be a wake-up call for real patriots about what's happening to their country and the world order. The globe has been a relatively peaceful place for generations because of a strong America. What happens when America is neutered with utterly insane leadership catering to tyrants for personal gain?

We might take some comfort that folks are apparently paying attention now. Tedra Cobb (@TedraCobb - is in a congressional race against Elise Stefanik (@EliseStefanik) who has decided to make a name for herself as a Trump sycophant at the impeachment inquiry. In two days the Cobb camp has tripled it's social media following and raised $650k. In the 24 hours after Stefanik's political insult, over $400k was raised from 16,500 grassroots supporters nation-wide. The average donation was $23. That's all it takes to be a patriot and make a difference.
If patriots want their voices to be heard, the time and place for it to start is in front of them. Every American, including Republicans, must deny Trump a second term for the good of their country, and the world.