Friday, December 13, 2019

Advancing 'stage 4' dementia - Trump - 'tangential speech'

A body could likely write a book about dementia based on Trumps' tweets alone. This one exemplifies much. He leads with his often repeated lie in that 'the call was perfect.' Only in Trump's mind could this possibly be so.

The rest is a nonsensical mishmash of half ideas, semi thoughts, and spelling errors served up with non-existent grammar. He ends with a projection, i.e. everybody else must be 'Crazy!' Trump's deteriorating language skills are obvious. Semantic paraphasia is choosing incorrect words. For example, Trump's inability to find the word 'origins', substituting 'oranges' instead. Phonemic paraphasia, linked to more severe dementia, is the substitution of a word with a non-word that preserves some element of the intended word. Trump has exhibited this many times.
For example, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu becomes “Betanyahu,” big league becomes “bigly,” anonymous becomes “enenamas” or "anenomynous," renovation becomes “renoversh,” missiles become "mishiz," space capsule becomes “capsicle,” midterm elections become "midtowm" and "midturn" elections, and Christmas becomes “Chrissus.” At its extreme, which Trump is surely approaching, it is called tangential speech and is certain evidence of advancing dementia.
Trump claimed to be having a 'busy day' even though his first formal appearance was at 11:30a. Trump tweeted/retweeted 125 times today, breaking his record of 105 several days ago.

Trump found the time to attack Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old girl with Asperger's syndrome who has rallied efforts at fighting climate change around the globe. "Greta must work on her Anger Management problem, then go to a good old fashioned movie with a friend!" Trump wrote. "Chill Greta, Chill!" The attack was prompted by her selection as Time's 'Person of the Year'.
The last POTUS performance speaks for itself. It marks the second consecutive time he swore at a public speech, this time 'bastard.'

It is this opinion Trump has progressed through 'stage 4' dementia. This is defined as a person who has clearly visible signs of mental impairment that point to early-stage dementia or Alzheimer's. There is a clearly reduced intellectual acuity. Trouble with routine tasks. Memory problems become more acute, and sufferers will slur their speech regularly. Rapid and profound mood swings are common. It should be noted that according to his obituary, Fred Trump suffered from dementia for 6 years before dying of Alzheimer's. Obvious decline or not, there is no system in place to evaluate elected officials’ mental fitness for office, including the leader of the free world.

Trump is on a near certain path of continuous decline and it surely doesn't take a medical degree to witness it.
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