Saturday, January 18, 2020

DB Services - 3rd world criminal builder for slumlords - Update V

The remaining residents of Danbrook One have been ordered out by the owner, Centurion Property Associates Inc. The reason is obvious, a huge legal liability. No insurer on earth would bet on Danbrook One.

The letter states residents must “freely accept and fully assume all such risks, dangers and hazards and possibility of personal injury, death, property damage, expense and related loss, including loss of income or property.” Apparently there are multiple building code deficiencies, in addition to the lateral system load. One wonders if the PoS structure should be torn down. The building, when being constructed, was listed for sale at $37,970,000.
A series of shores have been installed on the second and third floors of Danbrook One. It appears the structure lacks multiple load bearing columns. The cost savings of NOT providing these columns would be large. A great deal of labor, concrete and steel reinforcement would not need to be paid for, with a corresponding direct increase to bottom line profitability.

The temporary shores can only address concerns involving the gravity system. The lateral system load, if an earthquake shakes the structure, requires a far more extensive fix, one that shores alone cannot provide. A retrofit of that nature would be another never seen in this lifetime.
Terds are playing silly basterd over disclosing precisely who the 'engineer of record' is. It's appearing to this space it's likely to be the dead silent KPL James Architecture. (Jack P James Architect)

The piss poor design we know was by DB Services.

Tony James, Principal
60% of the 86 units that had been occupied in the 2766 Claude Rd. building have vacated after the city warned residents of structural safety issues. Langford taxpayers have paid $400k for displaced tenants. When the city runs out of money ALL taxpayers in B.C. will be tasked for more. The gravity load system is below code and a "likely failure mechanism can occur with very little warning."

This operation specializes in rental buildings, meaning quality in their shit construction doesn't need to exist. Danbrook One is an 11-story, 90-unit building with 86 occupied units and was completed a year ago.
Residents are being told to get out after the city received a report confirming major structural issues that represent a risk to tenants. On Dec. 3, the city received a notice from Engineering and Geoscientists BC about an investigation into violations of the building code by one of it's members.Contractor was Victoria Construction. Owen Kelly.
Matthew McKayThese concerns were proven valid. The city was forced to revoke the building's occupancy permit. There are deficiencies in the building’s structural design and its as-built structure. The builder is DB Services, owned by Matthew McKay, partner with his mother Margaret McKay and with Gary Lahnsteiner.
Margaret McKay
There are some dozen odd buildings built by DB Services around Langford and each one needs an independent engineering report to determine the potential for danger. The city has already found issues in another DB Services rental property.

Your author has extensive building experience, including site management. NEVER have I witnessed anything remotely close to this offense. The ONLY WAY for a builder to construct something this bad is through intent.
Only through crime could the checks and balances in B.C.'s building trade be thwarted. The moral culpability of endangering people's lives is jaw dropping. This operation needs to be shuttered and removed from the construction industry in B.C. permanently.
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