Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Giuliani greased for $2m by Parnas/Russians - update Firtash cash

Prosecutors argued that a judge should revoke the $1 million release bond for Lev Parnas because he lied about his income and assets. Parnas’ previously non-disclosed assets included a $1 million transfer from a lawyer for Dmytro Firtash. Parnas describes that payment as a 'loan'.

A federal judge rejected prosecutors’ request to lock up Lev Parnas. He remains under home confinement in Florida.
Fraud Guarantee, a company founded by Giuliani's indicted associates Lev Parnas and David Correia agreed to pay the consulting firm Giuliani Partners up to $2m for the first year and gave Giuliani an equity stake in the company.
After Giuliani received $500k he traveled to at least 10 Trump political events with Parnas and Igor Fruman. The trio flew on a private jet of Andy Beal, who donated $2m to the Trump super PAC America First Action.

Parnas was photographed at one of those political events with former Florida attorney general Pam Bondi, who is now a White House adviser on impeachment defense strategy.
Lev Parnas got $1m from Russia in September
Lev Parnas received $1m from an account in Russia in September, a month before he was charged with conspiring to illegally funnel foreign money into GOP political campaigns. Prosecutors have asked a judge to jail him for understating his income and assets. The majority of that money was used on personal expenses and to purchase a home. Parnas failed to disclose the payment. There was little detail or explanation about the source or purpose of the payment. Prosecutors said the money was sent to an account in the name of Parnas’s wife, Svetlana.

Prosecutors asked the judge to revoke Parnas’s bail, saying he also lied about his income.

Many things were left undisclosed, including a $200k escrow deposit he made on a $4.5m Boca Raton property, or the $200k he received for his work for Firtash.
“Parnas poses an extreme risk of flight, and that risk of flight is only compounded by his continued and troubling misrepresentations,” prosecutors said. The government was responding to Parnas’s request for less strict bail conditions.