Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Manitoba HA Meth ring nailed - Update

22 kilos of meth, the largest amount of meth seized in Manitoba history, along with 43 kilos of cocaine and 5 vehicles were seized. Street value of the drugs is estimated at $6.5m. Nine, including a full-patch HA — have been arrested and charged for trafficking. Cops executed nine search warrants

The street value of meth in Winnipeg is said to be among the cheapest in Canada. A gram is going for $50 and that low price has fed a huge drug problem in the city.
Also charged are Anthony CEREZO-BRENNAN, 31, Ryan CEREZO-BRENNAN, 32, Akhome MANOTHAM, 42, Dillon MIDDLETON, 25, Ritchie ORBEGOSO, 34, Linda PELLETIER, 41, Lord Kofi AGYAPONG-MENSAH, 40, and Jian SHEN, 37.Charges have been laid against Kenny Erstelle, 38