Thursday, April 20, 2023

Manitoba HA Meth ring nailed - Kenny Erstelle revisited

It is late December 2019 and Manitoba cops are crowing about the largest meth bust in history. What happened to HA drug kingpin Kenny Aj Erstelle? Only the shadow knows, it isn't obvious. Project Declass was a 16-month investigation into a drug trafficking network operating out of Winnipeg by the HA. It began in August 2018 with the arrest of two Winnipeg residents who were attempting to import 40kg of cocaine into Manitoba. Manitoba’s highest court recently sent Anthony Cerezo-Brennan, 34, to jail after ruling his mental illness played no role in his decision to traffic drugs. He was among 11 people arrested. He sold three kilos of meth to an undercover cop. A psychiatrist diagnosed him with a delusional disorder, noting he had developed “paranoid and grandiose beliefs,”
22 kilos of meth, the largest amount of meth seized in Manitoba history, along with 43 kilos of cocaine and 5 vehicles were seized. Street value of the drugs is estimated at $6.5m. Nine, including a full-patch HA — have been arrested and charged for trafficking. Cops executed nine search warrants

The street value of meth in Winnipeg is said to be among the cheapest in Canada. A gram is going for $50 and that low price has fed a huge drug problem in the city.

Also charged are Anthony Cerezo-Brennan, 31, Ryan Cerezo-Brennan, 32, Akhome Manotham, 42, Dillon Middleton, 25, Ritchie Orbegoso, 34, Linda Pelletier, 41, Lord Kofi Agyapong-Mensah, 40, and Jian Shen, 37.
Charges have been laid against HA Kenny Erstelle, 38