Friday, May 26, 2023

Operation Hobart

An Ontario judge allowed the state to seize about $200k found underneath Dmitri Kellesis’s bed. His 92-year-old mother, Sotira, can keep $75,000. "This location was clearly a gambling hall with obvious gambling paraphernalia and Mr. Kellesis’s claim brings to mind Captain Renault in Casablanca,” the judge wrote.
Dimitris Kellesis stands to lose the loot cops lassoed as part of Operation Hobart in 2019. The hearing was the first of what will be more as the crown tries to keep $40m in cash, silver, gold, jewelry, high-end vehicles and luxury homes seized from what cops called the biggest illegal online sports gambling ring in Canada. Operation Hobart fizzled with criminal charges tossed due to unreasonable delay.
28 were charged and a gaming house in Mississauga and five illegal gambling websites run by the Hells Angels were shuttered. The sites operated under Ultimate SB, Titan SB, PlaytoWin SB, Privada SB and Players SB. The sites brought in $13m from January to July of 2019 alone.
HA Deabaitua-Schulde, murdered in March 2019, was a collector for the gambling ring.
Three Hells Angels and one prospect were charged, Robert Barletta, Craig McIlquham, Eugenio “Gino” Reda, and Raffaele Simonelli. Barletta and McIlquham ran the operation. Cops say it took in more than $160 million in revenue over a six-year period before police shut it down and seized $40 million in assets.
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