Monday, August 2, 2021

Owen Patrick Kelly - Victoria Construction - Danbrook One - Update

Prime sub-contractor of the Danbrook One offense is Mr. Owen Patrick Kelly. This man's level of culpability is large. He put men, women, children and babies in lethal jeopardy through his shoddy construction practices. He has no qualms doing this for money, and likely not that much of it.
Kelly mowed down and killed 68-year-old Virginia Dorothy Little in a Brentwood Bay crosswalk in 2011. HERE Kelly wasn't paying attention as he drove his truck through the crosswalk, even though warning lights were flashing.
It was revealed Kelly racked 40 Motor Vehicle Act contraventions from 1991 to 2013, including 13 for speeding and 5 for using an electronic device while driving. He racked 4 offenses immediately after killing Virginia Little. Two for speeding and two for using an electronic device while driving.

Virginia Dorothy Little
In 2013 Kelly made headlines when he cried to the press about lack of financial support for his then 11-year old foster daughter with behavioral issues. He and his partner were/are professional foster care providers, catering to as many as half a dozen wards of the state at a time. The couple claimed they were 'suffering in silence' and complained about 'holes in the system', which presumably could only be patched with buckets of public money.
“They only release funding for a three- to six-month period”
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