Thursday, January 9, 2020

The London Drugs computer scam - Update III

The latest flaw in Windows 10 is a massive large security threat. The US National Security Agency found and disclosed the flaw. The 'broad cryptographic vulnerability' means hackers can exploit it to remotely distribute malware or intercept sensitive data. It is described as 'a core, low-level piece of the Windows operating system'.

The NSA's decision to share the information brings to mind the NSA hacking tool 'Eternal Blue', which exploited a Windows bug patched in early 2017. That flaw was present in all versions of Windows, and the NSA had known about the bug—and exploited it for digital espionage for more than five years.
What we are looking at here has been dubbed the 'Blue Screen of Death'. Windows 10 was 'updated' in October in an effort to fix some obscure flaw in cloud printing. As a direct result some half dozen new flaws were created with some citizens completely forked by the 'Blue Screen of Death'. This likely isn't our issue but it shows how the infinite flaws in Windows 10 become a money spinner for retailers. Joe consumer will freak and pay anything to 'fix' their machine. London Drugs are willing to assist with that ... at a minimum $140 a throw whilst playing complete idiots.
Our last laptop came from London Drugs about 2 years ago and is off warranty. After likely getting hit with a virus, we attempted a Windows home 10 reset. This is a process that is supposed to return the PC and all it's settings to factory state. The process didn't work and left the PC fully useless. First stop was London Drugs for 'advice' about their piece of shit.

The two young men claimed complete ignorance and informed me there would be a $75 'troubleshooting fee' followed by an hourly charge. With taxes, the cost would likely be a minimum $140.
The two SAID they had no clue whatever how to even break the reboot loop I was stuck in. (escape key) After doing a google search I learned this is a common issue with Windows home 10. That means it's a common issue across EVERY single computer London Drugs sells.

The salesmen playing fully stupid basterds is what they were instructed to do, with the goal being to either juice customers for fees or to sell a new computer.
To gather intel I went to a different store and asked the same question. The associate this time knew PRECISELY what I was speaking of, and recommended I take the machine to a service outlet but NOT London Drugs. I thanked the person for being one of the 'good ones.'

Was my conspiracy theory shot down? This associate was doing good by people, not ripping them off. I went to the store where I bought the machine for the definitive answer.
The story was again about a salesman not knowing a fukkin thing about a common problem across every computer he was peddling, and a $ 75 'troubleshooting' fee to determine that OH SO mysterious cause. I went to a total of 5 stores and was lied to 4 times. The 'fix' is nothing more than sticking a recovery UBS into the computer in .13 seconds. Will I be buying another computer from London Drugs? Not in this lifetime. Should anybody else buy their computer there? Hell nope, unless they want to get bent over by total chitbags.
Clint Mahlman - Executive Vice-President & Chief Operating Officer, London Drugs Limited.

This space is preparing a complaint to the B.C. Director of Trade Practices. If you or someone you know has had issues with London Drugs they might contact stoxxman(at)