Friday, December 27, 2019

Trump War Hero Eddie Gallagher - "got him with my hunting knife"

Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher, pardoned of war crimes by Trump, was described by fellow soldiers as "fucking evil." Fellow Iraq veterans called him “toxic” and “OK with killing anything that moved”.

Gallagher was granted clemency by Trump in November in a decision that angered military chiefs. Soldiers told of a ruthless scum who stabbed a 14 year old captive to death for no reason, then forced his troops to pose for a photograph with the corpse.

An investigation found Gallagher shot a schoolgirl and an elderly man from a sniper’s roost.
Gallagher says the allegations against him were fabrications by 'cowards' who could not match his high standards and who were intent on ousting him because of it.

Trump agreed, calling him a 'great warfighter'.
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