Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Trump’s strange behavior at NATO meeting - “let’s be serious”

One of the first statements Trump made on his arrival in the UK was to say his letter to Ukraine’s president was “flawless.” He also spoke about his threat to impose a 100% tariff on French wines and cheese because of France's real or imagined offenses against Trumpworld. Neither has anything to do with NATO.

Trump and Emmanuel Macron sparred in front of reporters over Turkey’s future in NATO and other differences, hours after Trump assailed his French counterpart for “very nasty” comments about the military alliance. Trump said Macron was “very disrespectful” when he warned of the “brain death” of NATO. The remarks were “very dangerous” according to Trump.
“NATO serves a great purpose,” Trump said, adding that Macron’s remarks were a “very, very nasty statement essentially to 28 countries.”

Turkey has said it will oppose a NATO defence plan for Baltic countries. Erdogan said Turkey would not approve a plan to defend Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in the event of a Russian attack. Erdogan wants NATO to recognize it's enemies as terrorists, but members are reluctant to do so. Many are wondering why Turkey is still a NATO member given it's large and growing reliance on Russian military technology.